For an ancestor,It’s too difficult to comprehend the nine ways of heaven,If all the nine heavenly paths are enlightened,Are very likely to enter the world。

This treasure,It should be the result of the ancestral god, Master Qiankun,
Master of Universe,Is the ancestor,It’s not as if the world god of Beixiu established the moon under the lake, making this universe a closed world.。
Moon Lake World,The rules of heaven and earth are different from the Three Realms。
However, the feeling that Universe World gives Li Ming is that space is very far away from the Three Realms,Isolated from memory。
The way of heaven contained in itself is generally the same in the Three Realms。
“Is it,This mirror treasure can be in the chaotic world,The way of heaven that automatically reflects the world in which it is located?”
quickly,Li Ming stopped thinking,A magic power instilled in contact with this universe mirror。
chapter Ten Enlightenment
A female voice came into Li Ming’s mind。
“you,What kind of heaven is enlightened。”
“Destroy Heaven!”Li Ming replied。
A stream of light shines in the mirror of the universe,This streamer directly turns into a floating shadow。
The image in the floating shadow is exactly the same as Li Ming,Like a real mirror。
Costume、Looks the same,The same six-handed fairy sword is floating in front of you。
same,Li Ming feels an invisible force wants to control himself。A rock like a pupil emerges。
“I,Make a vow of life,Never。。。”Under the control of invisible force,Li Ming began to take the oath。