“Thank you,You are taking pictures for me this afternoon。”Xia Shuyue smiled。

“You’re welcome,Serving beautiful women is a joy。”
Xia Shuyue looks at Yu Ge’s poor mouth,Ask with a smile,“You stayed with me all afternoon,Does your girlfriend have no opinion?”
“I don’t have a girlfriend。”Yu Ge looked at Xia Shuyue,Smiling。
Of course Xia Shuyue won’t believe it,Yu Ge is so handsome,Don’t say he’s chasing girls,There must be a girl chasing him,How could there be no girlfriend,So she just smiled without talking。
Yu Ge asked her,“then you,Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Ok,I have got。”Xia Shuyue had to block Yu Ge’s words in advance,In this kind of environment,In this mood,She is worried about Yu Ge saying things that shouldn’t be said。
“Your boyfriend is so lucky,Have a good girlfriend like you,”Yu Ge doesn’t seem to believe,Ask again,“What is his job?”
“Is a programmer。”
“Is also a college student??”
“Ok,Correct,We are classmates,And grew up together。”Xia Shuyue can’t let go of Zhao Luo,To Song that he has a boyfriend,From the heart,I still leave Zhao Luo the original place in my heart,I just don’t think it fits together anymore。
“You are so nice,I never went to college,I started learning advertising design after graduating from high school,I started working after a year of study,Study while going to work,until now。”
“The best pick,Not necessarily need to go to university,Although you didn’t go to university to study advertising design,But your level is definitely not average,Otherwise Mr. Zhang can’t choose you,I’m just now starting to touch advertising,Don’t understand a lot of things。”
“Can’t talk about any level,Anyway, try to be the best,”Yu Ge said modestly,“In fact, the advertising industry is quite profitable,Our company was a small company at first,Do it slowly。”
“It looks like you have been working for several years,Have you been in this company??”Xia Shuyue is curious。
“Ok,Correct,I have been working for more than six years,Never changed place,I have been doing advertising design and photography at this job。”
“You graduated from high school for one year,Work for another six years,Count it up,We are about the same age,You should be only one year older than me。”