“never mind,I drove the car toKM,And then do a few days of rehabilitation,Believe the problem is not big”Xia Jian said,Shook his hand in front of Liu Ying。

Just when Xia Jian was about to get in the car,Liu Ying hurriedly shouted:“wait!”Then he ran back into the house,I ran out again after a while,She has a pair of brand new white gloves in her hand。
“I haven’t worn this,Your hand injury just recovered,Better protect”Liu Ying said,Lost the white glove。Xia Jian caught,He wants to say thank you,But still didn’t say。
Put on white gloves,Xia Jian sat in the driving seat,He waved to Liu Ying and said:“Goodbye sister!I will come when I have time”Finished this sentence,Xia Jian started the car,Step back,Then a big turn of 360 degrees,The car has left the gate of the farmhouse。
Looking at Liu Ying from the returning mirror, waving at him。Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling parting,Things in this world are so strange。It’s not an old saying:“Difficult to meet,Don’t be difficult”Is it。
Xia Jian drove directly to the gate of the Foreign Languages Institute,A good car will naturally attract the envy of everyone。He sat in the car and called Una a woman。
This foreign woman was at the school gate when Xia Jian heard,I ran out after a while。Looking at her so happy,Xia Jian opened the door for her in advance。
Una jumped into the car,I asked Xia Jian:“Can you drive with your hands?I don’t want to take a taxi out,Don’t hurt anymore”Although Una is a foreign woman,,But she is still very considerate。
“All right!No different from before,I think this rehabilitation training will be avoided!”Xia Jian drove the car,Said with a smile。
Una laughed and said:“Don’t be brave,Rehabilitation training is still needed,Let’s go to the riverside to play,I have no class in the afternoon”Seeing Una’s love,Xia Jian is not good at rejecting her,So the two drove to the riverside。
With beautiful women,It’s naturally very nice to play,Two people walking,Chatting,Xia Jian tried to pick some light topics,He doesn’t want to burden himself too much。
Good times always pass quickly,Xia Jian has a deep understanding,Unconsciously,It’s getting late,The two of them randomly found a place to eat some food。
Xia Jian has ten thousand reasons to stay,But he didn’t do it。When Wona heard that Xia Jian wanted to return overnightKMcity,Of course his face is a bit unsightly。
In reluctance,Xia Jian sent Wona back to the Foreign Language Institute,Then I drove backKM.
He went to rehabilitation training once and didn’t want to go,He felt that he remembered some of the essentials of the doctor,He can do it himself,Why spend so much time doing this。
Xia Jian with an idea,Went to the supermarket,Prepared some food,Then I slept early,the next day,She left the room before dawn,Then follow the instructions on the navigation,He drove the car on the highway。