As soon as he entered the room, Shen Han took a comfortable bath,He came out in a bathrobe after bathing,The room is empty,Huo Rongxuan is probably still socializing below。Shen Han breathed a sigh of relief and climbed onto the big bed to go to bed,Although he had the idea to lock the door of the room,But just think about it。

Shen Han thought about running away from home before,He doesn’t have to be sent to Huo’s house after leaving Shen’s house。But he is still in school,He doesn’t know what else he can do without Shen。drop out,Then work everywhere to ask for a living??Although Shen Han is not noticed in Shen’s house,But never suffered。He can’t imagine that kind of life,I simply gave up the idea of running away。
Shen Han knows that he has nothing to do,He hates himself like this,But helpless。
Shen Han drank some wine at the dinner,Soon fell asleep,Until midnight, I was shaken up suddenly。
As soon as Shen Han opened his eyes, he saw a drunk man looking at himself with a frown,I was a little surprised when he saw him wake up,Then asked him a little displeased:“who are you?”
Shen Han naturally did not know that Huo Rongxuan always thought that his marriage partner was his brother Shen Ze.。I also blame Huo Rongxuan for not caring about this,Hearing that he was a kid from the Shen family, he subconsciously thought it was Shen Ze。Huo Rongxuan met several times in business,I have a good impression of Shen Ze,I feel that Shen Ze is more prosperous in this generation。When the family came to tell him about it,Huo Rongxuan thought about Shen Ze’s appearance,I agreed。But he didn’t expect the wedding banquet to be held,Now the person lying on the bed is not the person I always thought。
Shen Han was a little scared when he was awakened in a deep sleep,Looking at Huo Rongxuan in a daze, he answered subconsciously:“My name is Shen Han……”
Huo Rongxuan frowned,I still have some impression of this name。He observed Shen Han’s appearance through the light,Found out of eyes,He is indeed somewhat similar to his brother Shen Ze。
Shen Han just took a bath,I still have the fragrance of shower gel。Such a fragrant person lies under him,Huo Rongxuan inevitably reacted。He squinted at Shen Han for a long while,Finally reached out and covered those black eyes。
Shen Han was taken aback when he was blindfolded,The yukata was pulled away before he could react。Shen Han’s instinctive struggle,He kicked the person with his foot,But I was grabbed by the ankle and raised my leg。
Shen Han’s eyes can’t see,The legs were framed again and the body was bent into an extremely uncomfortable arc。Shen Han has never done anything like this with others,Panic right now,Shouted:“what are you doing!let me go!”
The man on him smiled at this moment,Low and hoarse voice,“What else to do on the wedding night,Of course it’s fucking you。”
Shen Han has an exciting spirit,Twisting around and hitting someone。Huo Rongxuan had also been in the army in the early years,Where is Shen Han’s opponent with thin arms and legs,Easily subdued。