AI and human game, Zhang Yunlong and Deng Jiajia interpret the urban version of Drought Game

AI and human game, Zhang Yunlong and Deng Jiajia interpret the urban version of “Drought Game”
Sauna, Yewang learned on October 28 that Youku produced, directed by Niu Chao, Zhang Yunlong, Deng Jiajia starred in the online drama “player”, the drama set a story of the game between people in the near future and artificial intelligence, alsoIt is regarded as the urban version of “Drought Game” and “Destroy Live”.The play is expected to be released in August 2020.Zhang Yunlong at the startup ceremony.The picture comes from the online “player” and found a mysterious 5W live game that makes people rush. The mutant artificial intelligence “Muse” took the opportunity to attach it to it, trying to achieve self-derivation and transcendence, and finally gain free will.However, a group of ordinary people broke away from its algorithmic trajectory and shattered the crisis with “love” and “trust” that are beyond the understanding of artificial intelligence.The play portrays a group of ordinary people with flesh and blood: the elite Lu Renjia with both wisdom and warm heart, the beautiful and affectionate and courageous Zhou Zhishu, the loyal and multifaceted freak Lu Yifan, dare to love and hate the extreme characterMa photon.And the players behind every game panorama, they have passed the game test again and again, presenting a sighing ecology.According to reports, the main creator of the play hopes to explore through “Player” that human beings as a product of mental evolution are not shaved “naked apes.”And what is the ultimate purpose of technological evolution? The actor Lu Renjia, played by Zhang Yunlong in the play, is an elite in the IT industry. Since he was abandoned by his mother since he was young, he is not sociable and lives in a very regular and boring self-world. The only hobby is to study various hacking skills, except himself.Don’t believe anyone.The daily lack of life is finally broken by the 5W game. When the 5W game suddenly changed from a prank to a lot of tricks, he slowly approached the truth and found that everything was already in the “design” of “others”, which also made Lu Renjia wrapped.The dilemma is absolute choice.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian